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Taking Your Health for Granted

Taking Your Health for Granted

Taking Your Health for Granted

There may have been times you are told by your doctors that your health is in perfectly good condition. But is your doctor disclosing only what you want to hear just because they are afraid of conveying the truth or because it is much convenient to bring in the good news than putting the truthful news out naked and exposed?

It’s misleading and self-contradicting at the least to hear how patients who are on long term medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease claiming to be in good health for their age just because their blood work says so. There is a cutting point between being in good health and being in stable health.

A good health in a broader sense is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely in the absence of disease or infirmity. This is achieved through having a natural and healthy lifestyle which results in balance between stress and pleasure.

In your opinion, how many people in the world really fit the above definition?

A stable health, on the other hand, means you’re symptoms free but that does not equate to being healthy. I’m thinking if healthcare providers themselves are conscious of the clear difference between the two.

We always associate our health condition with the presence/absence of symptoms. For the most part of disease development, it does not always begin with symptoms. In fact, they always start off silently. Unfortunately, we tend to rely on symptoms as the alert signal for seeking medical help. These tangibles are the proof we need in order to realize that something is wrong and our body is beginning to fail us.

So what’s my point..?

You are in full control of your own health. Relying solely on the words of your physician or the results of your blood test does not provide a full display of your actual health especially when you are taking disease controlling pills on a daily basis.

Taking medication does not always, if at all help to reverse the state of your disease. For many chronic diseases, the pills are there only to keep you free from symptoms. Without them, the disease will likely progress at a rate you cannot fathom. You can’t be on the pills but carry on with the lifestyle that caused you to have the disease in the first place.

So are you ready to face the truth and really start thinking of the lasting solution? Maybe it is time to have an honest conversation with yourself about the lifestyle you are leading. The health decision you make today will determine the quality and quantity of life you have in the next 10 to 20 years down the road.

Make sure you are aware that your lifestyle changes should be tailored and aimed at strengthening your body to a state where you are no longer dependent on the medications. (though for some diseases, you’re pretty much tied together with the pills for the rest of your life until new treatment commodity becomes available)

Now that you are better aware of not taking your health for granted and feeling complacent for the comforting and complimenting words you hear from your physician. Instead, start making changes in your lifestyle. Begin with eating a healthy balanced meal, lessen the intake of processed food and start walking the extra mile (figuratively and literally) if you have not already.

I promise you, it will all be worthwhile.  

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2 thoughts on “Taking Your Health for Granted

    1. Kallmann Post author

      It takes more than a report or treatment regime to be truly called healthy. Diseases don’t happen overnight, it creeps in over many years of unhealthy lifestyle and dieting habit. So I always believe in lifestyle altering than merely relying on drugs or in some cases the words of physician.

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