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A Cutting Edge Fat Loss Technology-Coolsculpting

A Cutting Edge Fat Loss Technology-Coolsculpting

A Cutting Edge Fat Loss Technology-Coolsculpting

Perhaps you have been eating right and doing exercise on a regular basis, you have done everything you can to present the best side in you. Unfortunately, none of them have worked and all your timeless efforts were to no avail. Your jeans just don’t fit, your little black dress feels too small. Most of us have stubborn area(s) of excess fat in our body, whether it is a muffin top, love handles or bulges that are immune to diet and exercise. But now there is something you can do to get rid of the bulges that are keeping you from feeling your best.

Park Avenue Medical Spa provides Coolsculpting in Westchester which is a revolutionary contouring treatment that uses cutting edge cooling technology to eliminate stubborn fat. This safe and non-invasive treatment modality is developed by a Dieter Manstein from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Rox Anderson, from Harvard Medical School. The contouring treatment is FDA-cleared for fat reduction with proven results seen in clinical studies.

According to a study carried out in 2009 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information(NCBI) to determine the clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction of Coolsculpting, the subject of the study reported to have lost up to 25% of fat content as early as 2 months after treatment. Besides that, 73% of the volunteers expressed their satisfaction after Coolsculpting and 82% of them revealed that they will recommend Coolsculpting to their friend.

Essentially, Coolsculpting procedure begins with a consultation where your doctor will assess your problem areas and create a personalized treatment plan based on your goal and expectation. Then you will book an appointment for the procedure to lose the stubborn fat. At the beginning of Coolsculpting, the technician will apply a gel pad to protect your skin, then the applicator will deliver vacuum pressure and cooling to the target area.

As the applicator pull the bulge into the cooling panels, you will feel a firm tuck and intense cold sensation. Initially, there may be some tingling. But this typically subsides as the area gets numb. The fat cells are targeted and cooled, triggering natural cell death. Because fat is more sensitive to cold, surrounding tissues and muscles will not be affected.

Over the course of next few weeks, your body begins to naturally eliminate the dead fat tissues, as the fat tissues are eliminated, the adjacent cells will condense resulting in an overall reduction of the fat layer. Depending on your personal plan, your treatment may last from 1 to 3 hours in each session of Coolsulpting. When the treatment procedure is finished, you can return to your normal activities including your workout routine.

Some side effects may occur including bruising and redness, numbness or tingling. But these effects are all temporary. In the weeks or months that follow, you will see an undeniable reduction of fat. As long as you maintain your healthy lifestyle, the treated fat cells will not come back. In your follow-up visit, your doctor will take after photos for comparison so you can see how effective your Coolsculpting treatment was. You and your doctor will then assess your results to determine if you would like another treatment on the same area or treat other problem areas.

Most importantly, your clothes and your confidence will be exactly where you want them. Your little black dress will fit just right, your physique and your shirt will turn heads again, and those jeans won’t be tucked off with the unwanted bulge of fat. You deserve to look and feel your best without surgery or downtime. Now is the best time to reclaim the real you with Coolsculpting.



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