cardiogenic shock

Emergency Management of Cardiogenic Shock

Management Of Cardiogenic Shock– A Step By Step Approach Cardiogenic shock is defined as a critical state of end-organ hypoperfusion secondary to the decrease in cardiac output with preservation of intravascular volume. It is most commonly caused by myocardial infarction and cardiac arrhythmia. Therefore management of cardiogenic shock is aimed at the restoration of hemodynamic instability to prevent end organ…

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Everything You Need To Know About Coarctation Of Aorta

Previously in Part 1 of clinical anatomy of thoracic cage, I talked about the anatomical structures of a rib, its topographic relation and clinical significance. Today, I’ll continue to cover up other common surgical abnormalities of the thoracic region. Coarctation of the Aorta This is a congenital heart defect characterized by the constriction of aorta located at the thoracic aorta, distal…

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Nephrolithiasis Overview

What to know about Nephrolithiasis? It refers to a concretion formed in the kidney, also known as kidney stone in laymen’s term is considered as one of the most commonly seen pathological conditions in the urology department worldwide. The severity of presenting symptoms may vary depending on the size and the quantity of the stones formed in the kidney. Typically…

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