Melanoma: When should you be concerned?

Every now and then, you might notice new mole(s) growing out from your body. You start thinking whether it may be cancerous or it’s just another benign mole. As some of you know, it is normal for us to get more moles as we age. This reason for this is multifactorial and not very well understood even until today. But…

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natural disasters

Danger of Asbestos in the face of Natural Disasters

Danger of Asbestos in the face of Natural Disasters The EPA estimates that there are approximately 107,000 primary and secondary schools and 733,000 of public of commercial buildings in the United States contain a traceable amount of asbestos materials(1). In fact, most houses that were built before the 1990’s are likely to contain some asbestos. It was a building product…

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How does Asthma occur?

It starts with a cough. or a wheeze soon your chest feels tight, your breathing speeds up and gets shallower making you feel short of breath. These are the common symptoms of an asthma attack. Around the world, more than 300 million people suffer from asthma, and around 250 thousand people die from it. But why do people get asthma…

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Taking Your Health for Granted

  There may have been times you are told by your doctors that your health is in perfectly good condition. But is your doctor disclosing only what you want to hear just because they are afraid of conveying the truth or because it is much convenient to bring in the good news than putting the truthful news out naked and exposed?…

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A Cutting Edge Fat Loss Technology-Coolsculpting

Perhaps you have been eating right and doing exercise on a regular basis, you have done everything you can to present the best side in you. Unfortunately, none of them have worked and all your timeless efforts were to no avail. Your jeans just don’t fit, your little black dress feels too small. Most of us have stubborn area(s) of…

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Home Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

I realize many people share the misconception that modern medicine in this era is thoroughly well-studied and the underlying causes and treatment modalities for different diseases have been discovered. In reality, the truth is far from being so. When you search on the internet regarding a particular medical condition, it’s not uncommon to end up finding vague, beating-the-bush or at…

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heart cancer

Heart Cancer: Does It Exist Or Not?

You’ve heard of different types of life-threatening cancer such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer or prostate cancer.. Those common cancers that we frequently hear of are made up of cells that constantly divide in the human body such as the cells of the skin, liver, colon etc. Our DNA replication isn’t perfect all the time, once in a while it makes…

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