5 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Many young women who have given birth in the past may have some rough impressions on the common signs of pregnancy, but it isn’t always easy for first time mother-to-be to tell if they have become pregnant. In fact, each woman and each pregnancy may present with their own signs and symptoms. When do symptoms appear?   Most women do…

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blood test-result

How to interpret blood test result

For the past few years I’ve encountered friends and family asking me to help interpret their blood test results. so I figured there should be a blog post dedicated to this subject. After all, blood test interpretation may not be as difficult as you think.. please note that this is not a comprehensive guide, however it will be suffice for…

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Why Drinking More Coffee Can Make You Feel Tired & How To Avoid It

As a regular coffee drinker, you know it.. The day has not really begun until you have your first cup of coffee..and another one later..and then another one.. It won’t be long until your haggard look starts to show and you start crashing.. “but hey, shouldn’t coffee make me feel more energetic?” Well yes and no..technically caffeine is a psychoactive…

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Is it a Stroke? Check FAST!

If you know that heart attack is mostly caused by the build up of blood clot or fatty plague in the coronary artery, then you can think of stroke as a similar event that occurs in the brain. The occluded vessel either causes brain tissues that it supplies to undergo cell death or it can hemorrhage to its surrounding area.…

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Affordable Healthcare Services & Medical Tourism in Malaysia

If there were anything Malaysia does better than other countries, it would be the affordable healthcare services that come without compromising on quality. There is no country in the world offers medical consultation, blood test, X-ray examination, drug dispensaries etc. all for RM1.00, or USD$0.40. Yesterday there was a story went viral after receiving more than 6,000 likes and shares on Facebook. A…

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5 Ways To Help You Lose Weight Now

So you’ve been trying really hard to eat “healthy” and exercise, yet the numbers on the scale just never seems to drop. It might be a good idea to dissect into your diet pattern to find out what went wrong. So here are 5 tips to help you lose weight more effectively: 1.) Reduce your daily calories intake The basic…

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Antibiotic: Do you REALLY need to finish it?

Every now and then, I get questioned by friends and family asking whether or not it is necessary to finish the course of antibiotics prescribed to them. My instinctive response to that question would be an unambiguous YES, just as any other person who has medical background would answer. But when I pause and ponder just a little deeper, I’ve…

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